Bryce’s Wondrous Mosquito-B-Gone Itch Remover

I hate bugs. They’re one of the main two reasons that summer is my least favorite season. (The other reason being heat. It’s a toss up which I loathe more.)

Check that. I guess it’s not the bugs I hate so much as the bug bites. Itching nonstop? Yuck, yuck, and double yuck.

Which is why I was happy to find this article on Lifehacker about how to get rid of itching bug bites. The solution? Use a hot spoon and press it against the bite. The itch magically disappears.


As I’ve been doing this in practice, I’ve developed a new approach. Forget hot tap water. I’ve been using almost boiling water. I heat the spoon in that for few seconds, and then brand myself with the boiling hot spoon.

Hasta la vista, itch.

Of course, this approach also risks giving yourself severe burns, so I guess it’s really only recommended for those of you who really really dislike itches.

And that’s my helpful hint to you all this fine day. Have a pleasant, itch-free weekend!

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