Busy busy busy

Fairly on the busy side at work today. Lots of stuff to keep me busy, from web page design to treasure map making–who knew my job would require such a wide range of skills? I’m enjoying it, though. Of course, today’s it’s gorgeous outside, but tomorrow it’s supposed to rain–the one day when I have a chance to go exploring some more here in Maine. Such is life.

And in Mouse Wars:

Things looked good on the home front for the past few days. D-Con and glue traps had wrecked havoc on the rodent horde, decimating their numbers and demoralizing them into submission. But just before I could dress up in a flight suit and stroll across the porch with a big “Mission Accomplished” sign hanging behind me, the mice launched a counter-offensive last night, holding what can only be described as a “Mouse Orgy” in the ceiling above my bedroom. There were scrabblings and scratchings going left and right at 3 in the morning. Of course, this only invoked the wrath of Denisa, a wrath no mammal wants to incur. Even as we speak, she’s preparing for a new attack.

Many mouse families will be crying tonight, and I shall feed on their tears, for they shall be sweet.

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