BYU Scavenger Hunt

While trying to come up with family reunion activities, one event many of us wanted to do was take our kids to BYU. Show them around. Let them see the campus. But I was worried that would sound boring to kids, so I thought it would be more fun to make a scavenger hunt out of it. Turn the tour into a game, and see if that didn’t catch their eye.

The concept caught on as soon as they heard about it. There was just one problem: I hadn’t made the scavenger hunt.

Somehow I always assumed I’d have time to make it up in the future, or that there would be some freely available online. I kept kicking that “To Do” item down the road, until finally it was the night before, and my awesome nieces were talking about how excited they were for the scavenger hunt the next day.

“Yeah.” I said. “Me too. Here’s the thing, though. I haven’t made it.”

Sometimes it stinks to admit your own incompetence. My nieces could have told me just what they thought of that, but instead, they offered to make it for me. (Note how I said they were “awesome nieces” and not “loser nieces.”) In the end, the one heading to BYU came up with the whole thing in an hour. The next day, we put it to the test, and it was a complete blast. Everyone had a great time, and I’d recommend it to anyone. I asked my niece if she would be okay if I posted it online, to share the love with others, and she happily agreed.

So without further ado, here’s the scavenger hunt. In case one of you out there is looking to do such a thing and just doesn’t have the time to come up with it.


BYU Photo Scavenger Hunt

Take a picture of each of the following. You have 45 minutes.

  • Find a byu student and pose with them in a way that evokes the club, major, campus organization, or sport they’re involved in. This photo only counts if a member of a different team can correctly guess the organization/major within 5 tries. (No text or pictures within the photo) (50 points)
  • Awkward photo with a couple. (25 points)
  • High five a professor, administrator, or janitor (50 points)
  • Go to any shop and ask a staff member what product they recommend, then take a picture with it (25 points)
  • CTR ring (that someone already owns, not for sale) (20 points)
  • Recreate a picture from a poster or advertisement for a byu event (20 points)
  • The most expensive thing for sale on campus (object with the highest price counts) (50 points)
  • Pose with any animal (15 points)
  • An even-numbered classroom (10 points)
  • Selfie with Karl Maeser (15 points)
  • Someone wearing a different college’s merch (30 points, or 75 for University of Utah)
  • Reading the wackiest book you can find in the library (wackiest book gets the points) (50 points)
  • Make an illusion where one of your team members looks unnaturally large or small (50 points)
  • A pendulum (15 points)
  • A funny or interesting quote (15 points)
  • Something from the 19th century (30 points)
  • Find a sculpture or art installation and use it in a creative photo. (Most creative gets points) (10 points for the photo, +40 for most creative, -1000 points if the sculpture or art installation is harmed in any way in the process.)
  • As many people as possible from your group (those who have phones) in the dark shining a phone flashlight up onto their faces (15 points)
  • A video of a teammate singing to a student/staff member (40 points)
  • A video of a student/staff member singing to the team (50 points)
  • Whole group with any person who’s not on the scavenger hunt (20 points) (+10 points for each photo they are in if you can get them to join your team)
  • Someone who’s engaged, not married (50 points)
  • A flag from a different continent (up to 1 from each continent) (10 points per flag)
  • Reading a book written by yours truly (Bryce Moore) (30 points)
  • Your group with finger mustaches outside heritage building 8 (15 points)
  • A water fountain (5 points)
  • An exit sign (5 points)
  • A fan (5 points)
  • A piece of art from more than 30 years ago (30 points)
  • A modern piece of art (20 points)
  • North America’s largest collection of viola music (50 points)
  • Smelling flowers (10 points)
  • Teammate leaving the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to their shoe (30 points)
  • Whole team in a small place (most creative gets bonus points) (20 points for photo, +30 for most creative)
  • Video of group singing a song by an object that is in its lyrics (ie singing “wheels on the bus” next to a bus) (30 points)
  • Pose like a statue next to it (20 points)
  • Cheapest thing for sale (not free, lowest price counts. For a tie, split the points) (50 points)
  • Something that refers to Brigham Young (15 points)
  • A picture of Jesus (15 points)
  • Someone sitting at a computer in a computer lab (15 points)
  • A campus police officer (40 points)
  • Something having to do with engineering, music, art, law, education, or family science (10 points per major)
  • The daily universe (20 points)
  • Something that was not there when the adult of the group went to byu (30 points)
  • A piece of fudge or any by creamery object for sale (10 points)
  • The inside of a dorm building (10 points)
  • The sports complex (10 points)
  • First edition of the Book of Mormon (30 points)
  • A teammate dancing in front of the Smith field house (10 points)
  • On the edge of campus (25 points)
  • PDA (50 points)
  • A student studying (30 points)
  • An info sheet about any major (1 only, 10 points)
  • An on-campus ATM (15 points)
  • Nike branded byu merchandise (15 points)
  • A byu bumper sticker (15 points)


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