Calling All Pellet Stove Users

As I’m finishing off the space above my garage, my eyes are now turning to heating the place. It’s not going to be a terribly big space, so it’s not like I need anything huge, and Denisa and I are looking at a pellet stove to do the trick. The local dealer has suggested a Harman P43 or a Ravelli RV80, but both of those will be rather expensive to buy and install ($4500 or so). So I thought I might turn to you, the lovely hive mind, to see if anyone has experiences with pellet stoves and models you might share, I’d love to hear them.

The issues I’m particularly concerned about are:

  • Price (duh)
  • Noise. We’ve heard some that plink a ton whenever they’re running, and the thought of having to listen to that every night for the rest of my life isn’t too appealing. I don’t mind the whir of a fan (a noise that’s constant), but the loud rattling of pellets onto metal sporadically isn’t too fun.
  • Not too big. I’m just looking to heat about 650 square feet with the thing, so it doesn’t have to be a workhorse.
  • Reliability. Having to constantly fix a cheap model defeats the purpose, as well. I’m looking at some models online, and they’re much less expensive, but it seems like if they break, you’re out of luck getting someone to fix them or getting parts. Anyone have experience with that?

Anyway. In an ideal world, I’d pay around $2000 or so. I’m on the hunt now, and maybe things will go my way for once with this project. Speak up if you have any information, positive or negative, to offer. Thanks!

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