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A Trip to Baton Rouge

I’m back from Baton Rouge, where I spent the weekend at the Louisiana Book Festival. This was a noteworthy trip if for nothing other than the fact that I made the entire trip without any significant problems with the travel. My planes were on time. My connections were smooth. Nothing went wrong, which left me wondering what sort of cosmic balance the trip was endangering. I don’t remember the last time I’ve made such a quick trip. I flew down on Friday afternoon, getting to my hotel at 10:30pm. I was back on the plane on Sunday morning, and home

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Off to the Louisiana Book Festival

I’m leaving in a few hours to head off to Baton Rouge. I’ve been invited to present at the Louisiana Book Festival, which runs all day tomorrow. As I’ve been looking into it, I discovered that there’s a whole application process to get your book featured at the festival. This is definitely one big advantage of having a traditional publisher. I didn’t do any of the work involved in submitting my book (and knowing I could submit it in the first place), and Sourcebooks is covering my trip costs, as well. Of course, as is typical for me, the closer

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A Report Back on FanX

I got a bit quiet on the blog last week, since I was off gallivanting around Salt Lake at FanX. It’s been so long since I was at a con, I forgot a lot of what I needed to do. For example, I showed up without any copies of my books or any business cards or promos. The lack of book copies was the really egregious error, since I had no copies to put out in front of me when I spoke on my panels, and I had two people come by looking to buy older things. Thankfully, my cousin

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Where to Find Me at FanX

I’m in Utah! (Despite the best efforts of the Salt Lake airport to make me give up and just go home. Seriously. We landed around 10:15 last night. By the time I waited for the bus to take me to the main terminal, then walked the huuuge ramp they dropped us off at to get to the main terminal, then walked through all of terminal B, through the big tunnel, through all of Terminal A, and then out to the rental car place, it was around 11pm. And I was walking fast. Sheesh.) Anyway. That means I’m going to be

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FanX (Salt Lake Comic Con) Bound

Okay, so technically it’s not called Salt Lake Comic Con, because trademark, but telling people outside of Utah that I’m going to FanX just generally gets me stares of confusion, so I inevitably explain what it is by saying Salt Lake Comic Con. (Maybe they could change the name to “The Convention Formerly Known as Salt Lake Comic Con.) And I suppose I’ve already let the cat out of the bag during my explanation up in the first paragraph, but . . . I’m going to FanX this year! I’ll be attending as an Author Special Guest, which means I’ll

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