Off to San Antonio for TLA

I’m heading out to San Antonio on Monday to go to the Texas Library Association’s annual conference. This will actually be my second time attending TLA. I first went in 2022 when I was promoting Don’t Go to Sleep. This time around it’s going to be A Family of Killers.

While I’m not looking forward to the travel (as you might imagine), I definitely am looking forward to the conference. The last time I went was still heavily influenced by the pandemic. (I actually caught COVID for the first time at that conference, which wasn’t exactly the souvenir I wanted to take home most from Fort Worth.) It’ll be nice to be there at a time when things are more established.

It’ll be my third trip to San Antonio. I went the first time back when I was getting my Masters at BYU, for the Pop Culture Association conference. In 2019 I headed down to visit my sister and her family. And now I’ll be back again. Not sure I’ll see the Alamo for yet another time, though who knows? Maybe this time I’d find the basement . . .

In any case, I’m not sure what my blogging schedule will look like next week. Should be a bit touch and go as I’m all over the place. But if you’re in the Texas area, let me know. Time will be tight, but maybe I can wave hello. I’ll be the one trying to see through a mop of hair. Should be easy to spot.

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