Favorite Library Memories

When I was in Texas for TLA a few weeks ago, one of the questions on the panel was “What’s your favorite library memory?” This meant something for the other authors on the panel than it did to me, seeing as I was the only librarian up there, and it seemed like a pretty easy

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Off to San Antonio for TLA

I’m heading out to San Antonio on Monday to go to the Texas Library Association’s annual conference. This will actually be my second time attending TLA. I first went in 2022 when I was promoting Don’t Go to Sleep. This time around it’s going to be A Family of Killers. While I’m not looking forward

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Libraries Boycotting eBooks

I’m not sure how much knowledge of this has spread outside library land, but inside library land, one of the biggest pieces of news in the last while has been centered around Macmillan Publishing’s decision to change the way it sells eBooks to public libraries. Publishers have come up with a number of wonky ways

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