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LitRPG: Pure Pulp, Pure Fun

I’ve started reading a genre that’s fairly new to me: Literary Role-Playing Game, or LitRPG. I’d heard about it back when I was reading the Cradle Series, by Will Wight. I really enjoyed that one (check out my review), though I think I called it “level up fantasy” at the time. It’s about a main […]

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2023 Media Review

And so we come to another look back on everything that I watched and read over the course of the last year. I reached my goal of 52 books again (21,154 pages), which made me happy. I also watched 23 television series in their entirety and 88 movies. That’s 4 fewer TV shows than last

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Book Review: The Glass Castle

This was such a stunningly good book. I usually read more squarely in the area of genre fiction. Fantasy, thriller, science fiction. I read books for escapism, so the fact that I loved this one speaks to just how great it is. Because it’s anything but escapism. Wells writes a memoir of her childhood, growing

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