Busy Cop Out

Crazy Hectic

Okay, I realize I haven’t been as good at updating this the past while as I should have been. My wife’s thesis is due to be turned in to her committee on Friday, and then we’re planning a trip to Maine to house hunt on Friday, too. I’ve just been swamped. My apologies. Unfortunately, this also means that my writing’s been suffering, too. I’m in the “trim down” stage of Lesana, but it’s going a lot more slowly than I’d like. Then again, I won’t be at my current address long, so maybe it would be good to wait to […]

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Hello all. I’ve finally resurfaced, although I have to warn you I’m not going to post much tonight. I just got back from my trip (“vacation” doesn’t enter into it), and I’m pretty darn tired. But the trip was a success, and I’m sure I’ll have some big news to report in the near future, so stay tuned. Now, I’m going to go collapse in bed.

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Happy Presidents Day

Or at least I hope it was for all of you.  For me, it involved a lot of writing–I have two papers due this week, and then of course I had 1,000 words to write in addition to that.  I had wanted to get something posted on the web page today, but I just didn’t have time.  In other news, does anyone know what the symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome are, because I think I might be getting that.  Too much typing.  But the papers are almost done, and the creative writing went well today, so I guess it was

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