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New Orleans Bound

I’m off to New Orleans later today. Heading down for the American Libraries Association annual conference. So I’m going to be out of touch as far as the blog goes for a bit. It’ll just be too crazy to keep it going and get everything else done. If something pressing comes up that I can’t keep my mouth shut about, I’ll post, otherwise, you’re on your own until next week.

I will be present on Facebook, posting some pics and updates, so if you just absolutely need to know what I’m doing, you can check me out over there. 🙂

And if you’re going to be in New Orleans as well, let me know!

Patreon Progress

I’m down at another library conference today. (This time it’s all about the wonders of scholarly communication, which basically means scholarly publishing.) So very little time for me to write a blog entry for today.

What better chance to remind you all what I’m up to over on Patreon? The second Friday of each month, I post a chapter of my current work in process. Today’s offering is the first chapter of the third draft of MURDER CASTLE. The first and third Friday each month I’ve been posting the full text of ICHABOD, a book I wrote around 10 years ago. (Essentially The Legend of Sleepy Hollow meets Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None).

So head on over there and check them out. I dropped the patron levels down to $1/$2/$3 just barely, so it’s even more affordable.

Click here to go to my Patreon.

Thanks for reading!

Waving the White Flag

There are some days when writing a blog post is going to be touch and go. There are other days I just have to admit defeat and hope for more time tomorrow. Today has been one of the latter.

Sorry folks. You’re going to have to internet without me today.

Travel Time

I have a fairly crazy month ahead of me. No idea what it’s going to do to my blogging, but I do know it’s sunk it for today. To give you an idea of my schedule, here are my destination totals for the next month:

  • Augusta (45 minutes away): 3 times
  • Bangor (90 minutes away): 7 times
  • Bethel (60 minutes away): 1 time
  • Atlantic City (540 minutes away): 1 time

Seeing as how some of those trips are for multiple days, I’m going to be away or on the road for 20 days this coming month.

No wonder I feel busy.

I know many people go on many more trips than that for work, but it’s definitely a lot for me. Not all of it is work. (Some of those trips are for church, and I’ll have more to say about that when I have the time.)

So consider this a spot to complain. How many days are you going to be on the road or away from home the next month? Is that normal for you, or excessive? Share!

Hunkering Down

I’m in Utah for the next while. Going offline for the most part for the next few days at least. I’ll explain more in detail later. For now, just know while I’d love to see all of you lovely people, I can’t do it this trip. Not for now, at least.

I’ll post more Monday, perhaps.

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