Late Post

Sorry for the late post today. And I don’t even have a good excuse. I stayed home from work to go skiing–but then it was 0 degrees outside. -16 with the wind chill. DKC and I were planning on taking TRC for his first ski experience, and we just didn’t think that his first time should be in sub-zero temperatures. The goal is to get him to go again, after all. So we stayed home, made pancakes and brownies and went and bought a live Christmas tree for the entryway. I have no idea how much trees are elsewhere, but […]

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The refinance went through. Better yet, because the bank had a 24 hour decision guarantee (and they took something like 28 hours), I’m supposedly going to get $500. So I’m getting paid to refinance my home. Nice. Headache, gone. 🙂 Last night, we put up about half of the Christmas decorations. TRC has been extremely excited for December and Christmas, and it’s been really fun to watch him enjoy it so much. He just loved sitting there by the tree last night and looking at the lights. He said, “I like how when you close your eyes really small, it

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It’s been an awfully long time since I last posted, I know. And I’m sure all of you out there have just been holding your breath, waiting–hoping–that I’d post again soon. Well, here you go. Merry Christmas. 🙂 So, what’s been happening here in Maine, you ask? For a while there, it seemed like we were just going to get snowstorm after snowstorm, with no end in sight. I had about two feet on my roof. Then, for Christmas, we got weather in the fifties. Go figure. Still have snow, but a lot of it’s melted and reformed into ice.

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