The refinance went through. Better yet, because the bank had a 24 hour decision guarantee (and they took something like 28 hours), I’m supposedly going to get $500. So I’m getting paid to refinance my home. Nice. Headache, gone. 🙂

Last night, we put up about half of the Christmas decorations. TRC has been extremely excited for December and Christmas, and it’s been really fun to watch him enjoy it so much. He just loved sitting there by the tree last night and looking at the lights. He said, “I like how when you close your eyes really small, it makes all sorts of lines,” which is something I remembered doing a lot when I was a kid, too.

One tradition that we do in our family that he looks forward to a lot is the Advent Calendar. When I was growing up, my mom had an Advent calendar that consisted of a fabric Christmas tree and a series of ornaments. Each day in December, one of us would get to take an ornament and hang it on the fabric tree. We really looked forward to it. I don’t have that calendar, but I’ve kept the tradition in my own way. We have a little box with 24 drawers, each about the size of one or two matchbox cars. Each year, we spend $24 filling up the drawers with little presents for each other, and then we all take turns opening them day by day. TRC went first, and he got a little remote control car. I got a box of tic tacs, DKC got a Rittersport Marzipan chocolate, and then TRC got some bubblegum yesterday (DC will start her turns next year). Nothing really extravagant, but it makes the holidays that much more fun, and TRC absolutely loves it.

In other news, DKC and I watched Ocean’s Thirteen last night, and we really enjoyed it. Still not as good as the original, but I love a good heist movie. You can tell that Clooney, Pitt and the gang are all enjoying themselves, and it’s fun to watch it and see what happens next, even if the plot got a wee bit convoluted from time to time. Three stars. This has led me to think about protagonists, and I’ll talk about my ideas in a different post. Be back in a sec.

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  1. Yay!
    So happy your refinance went though! Who’d you end-up using?
    We are total advent freaks. We have one that’s a manger scene and we have 2 that are beads. Conner gets to do the odd days, and Spencer does the evens. Not sure what we’ll do when #3 wants a turn…. but best not to fret about that one yet.

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