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Moon Shadow

Ever since the last significant eclipse we had here in Maine back in 2017, I’d been looking forward* to the total eclipse that was coming 4/8/24. The asterisk there is due to the fact that I was pretty pessimistic that we’d actually be able to see the eclipse. Maine is typically quite cloudy this time of year, and so I was more than a little skeptical that the big day would arrive and all I’d be able to see was things getting a bit darker for a few minutes. (Heading into the date, most estimates I’d read said we had

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On Depictions of Nazis

How’s that for a title for you? Eye-catching, I suppose. Denisa and I are watching All the Light We Cannot See right now on Netflix, and while we were in the middle of an episode, it suddenly occurred to me that Nazis are almost always presented as very evil people in media. I know that’s not exactly the observation of the year or anything. I mean, who doesn’t know that? If you want to show someone’s really evil, make them a Nazi in full World War II regalia, and have them shout in German for good measure. So you’re now

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How are We Doing?

Two days into this search for the mass shooter in Maine, and I’ve had a number of people reach out to see how my family and I are faring. Overall, it’s been fairly surreal, and this is for people who are an hour away from where this happened. You watch these events unfold in other states, and you think you understand how horrific it is, but I’ve already learned that the closer you are to where something like this happened, the more awful it becomes. I’ve got friends in Lewiston, and I see them posting social media updates. They’re now

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Thank Goodness for Guns

Man. Am I happy we have as many guns in this country as we do. I mean, I used to be really against them, posting time after time about how much I wished our country would enact stricter gun laws. But now that I’ve had to deal with a mass shooting less than an hour from my house, I’ve really come to see the light. I mean, can you imagine what it would be like if we at least tried to make some stricter rules around firearms? Gun instructors might not be able to get access to the weapons they

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On Israel

I’ve been watching the war in Israel unfold in horror. Having spent a semester abroad in Jerusalem (traveling across Israel during that time), it connects with me in a way other conflicts don’t. I don’t quite know what to say about it, but I also didn’t want to blithely traipse along in my blog (where I often discuss current events) and simply ignore it. So . . . here goes. During my time in Israel, I met many Israelis and many Palestinians. They were all lovely people. Welcoming and cordial. Walking through the streets of the Old City is still

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