I Hate My Job

I’m not kidding.  I’m sick of it.  I want to quit it today.  They’re like a bunch of vampires, wanting to suck as much out of me as possible without giving anything back.  Leeches, the lot of them.  The only reason I haven’t quit is that I think it’ll look better on my resume if I’m currently employed. Case in point.  My grandmother died, and I have a bunch of family coming out and will be in and out of such fun things as the viewing and funeral.  This is the side of my family that’s already lost two uncles–brothers–and […]

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Job Applications and Commentary

As this semester winds down, the job search is heating up.  On Monday I sent out five applications to different libraries–three academic and two public.  This means that, theoretically, I could be moving in as little as a month from now.  Will that happen?  Not likely, especially judging by how my application luck has been thus far.  However, it’s still a possibility.  Even more likely are the impending phone interviews in my future.  I just got a questionnaire from one of the public libraries asking me what my approach would be to handling children of all ages. There’s something about

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Sort of an Odd Update

So I posted a new article to my website, but it’s a tad strange. It’s a guide to adaptation research.  I’ve done a lot of work in that field, and it’s intended to help anyone interested in researching the topic get a good start.  So if it’s something that interests you, dandy.

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