I Hate My Job

I’m not kidding.  I’m sick of it.  I want to quit it today.  They’re like a bunch of vampires, wanting to suck as much out of me as possible without giving anything back.  Leeches, the lot of them.  The only reason I haven’t quit is that I think it’ll look better on my resume if I’m currently employed.

Case in point.  My grandmother died, and I have a bunch of family coming out and will be in and out of such fun things as the viewing and funeral.  This is the side of my family that’s already lost two uncles–brothers–and so it’s really a touchy situation.  I call my work and tell them I’m not going to be able to make it tomorrow, and my boss (who just happens to be in my ward) says “I don’t mean to be uncaring, but we really need you here.  When can you make up the hours?”  She then proceeds to guilt trip me into agreeing to coming in just an hour or so late.

What the hell?  I mean, I’m all for the company loyalty thing–if they’ve been loyal to me.  But on the one hand, they tell me I’m a flex–which means I get no benefits (such as bereavement time off) and get paid less–but which is supposed to mean that I can work when I can and am under no “pressure” to be there all the time.  But on the other hand, they expect me to troop in whenever they “need” me.

Maybe I’m being unduly harsh.  I mean, they are falling behind, and I was sick two weeks in a row the week before last–which meant that I ended up missing two days.  The thing that gets me is that if I were a “real” employee, then I could just take the bereavement time off and that’s that.  The other thing that gets me is that my boss was on vacation ALL LAST WEEK.  So what’s up with that?  When she wants to be on vacation, then fine.  When I have my grandmother die, we’re “really busy” all of a sudden.  And when I was sick, did I get paid sick time?  No.  When I was going to not be there for family functions at this sucky time, was I going to get paid for that?  No.

Whatever.  I’ll go in tomorrow late, and I’ll do what they need me to do.  But I think that mentally, I’ve already quit, which I know is bad, but there you have it.  The way Orem treats its employees–at least its “grunts”–leaves much to be desired.  I’m about to graduate next week with my second masters.  What do I make?  $10 bucks an hour.  What do they have me do?  Put barcode stickers on books and scan them into the computer, or check to make sure ISBN numbers are right, or compare budget numbers to make sure they’re the same.  There’s nothing I do at my job that even requires a high school education.

Okay–I guess I should stop ranting and go back to work.  Can I just say though that having my boss be in my ward is not a good thing?


Maybe Brandon’s on to something with that evil librarian bit.  But I really think that this is a situation with the management, and not the career.  I like the library–I like working with books and with people.  I don’t like getting jerked around and being expected to like it.

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