Moving Offices. Again.

Anyone coming into one of my workspaces would hardly be overwhelmed by the neatness. That’s a nice way of saying they tend to be on the cluttered side. If I don’t use a spot regularly, then the likelihood of it being organized is actually fairly high, but in a space I’m constantly doing stuff in? War zone. So you’d think moving offices wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I’d go from one cluttered mess to another cluttered mess. However, my workspaces are a cluttered mess where I know where everything is. This is, of course, a key difference. They’re

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Bryce’s Handy Guide to Snow Removal Procrastination

Having lived in Maine for the past decade and a half or so, I realize I have a lot more experience working with snow than most of the rest of you. (I’m looking at you, Arizona. And don’t think I’ve forgotten about Georgia or Texas, either.) Having just faced another round of removing more than a foot of snow this morning (yes, in April. Snow happens.), I thought it might be useful to the rest of you for me to fill you in on my personal approach to handling a lot of snow. As with many of my approaches to

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The Wonders of Sorting Things

This is something I’m fairly sure I’m in the minority with, but I wanted to write up a short post about how much I enjoy sorting things. Putting things in order. You wouldn’t be able to tell it from my office, of course, which often looks as if a small tornado had browsed through it once and then come back a second time just to double check. I’m not really talking about big organization of things. Not things I use frequently, at least. No, I mean instead the sort of Zen-like state I get into when I’ve got a huge

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Getting Ahead of Things?

I don’t think it’s an overstatement for me to say that I’ve felt off balance to one extent or another ever since 2020. Between COVID and the kitchen renovation and Tomas heading out on his mission and disruptions over at the university, I’ve just not felt like I’ve been on firm footing. One of the ways I usually do that is to organize things. (There’s a reason I’m a librarian, after all.) I don’t pay as much attention to things being spotlessly clean, but clutter can really weigh me down over time, despite the fact that I’m content to live

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Hair Update

Now that the holidays are over and I’m out in public more again, more people are noticing that my hair is much longer than it used to be. This has led to a few explanations about why I’m growing it out, and naturally a few comments over how it looks. (Though this is something I’ve never really understood, I realize that from a linguistic standpoint, “changes in hair” is deemed a socially acceptable topic to bring up. And for some reason, there are many who feel their opinion on hair is something that demands attention. Maybe one of the reasons

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