Grumpy Old Vampires

I just posted episode six of Grumpy Old Vampires, the new hit web series that no one knows about.  Can you resist clicking on the link?  Well, I know you can resist–but why would you want to?

In other news, I’m now over 46,000 words on Ichabod, and it’s still going well.  There have been a couple of instances where I’ve forgotten to include something key in my outline, so I’ve been having to go back and rewrite a tad here and there, but nothing major.  This is definitely the most pain free experience I’ve had writing so far, with the possible exception of Barboy (my seventh book).  But even with Barboy, I had to just sort of make connections on the fly to things that had been mentioned before, as far as the plot went.  With Ichabod, I’ve been able to actually foreshadow things and realize what I was doing when I foreshadowed them, if that makes sense.  Writing group was going to read the first chapter this week, but I have to attend a funeral, so it’ll have to wait another week.  Such is life.

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