Victor Comes Up with a Plan

The latest Grumpy Old Vampires has been posted.  In this week’s episode, Victor expounds on the legal system and vampires, and he comes up with a plan to get the money he needs to buy his Rascal.  If you’re looking for something short and diverting to waste about four minutes of your life in an enjoyable fashion, please consider reading it.

Can I just say how much Mondays are getting on my nerves?  There’s always just so much to do.  Sigh.  On the plus side, I took a couple of hours this morning to look for more jobs, and I’ve found another seven or so that I qualify for easily and are in areas I’d like to live.  Maybe I’ll put off actually applying to them until tomorrow, though.  I still have the laundry to finish, my writing to do, my homework to finish, Family Home Evening to plan and do . . . Tomorrow is looking pretty good.

Oh–and I haven’t given an Ichabod or revising update in a while, so I might as well tell you how those are going.  I’m trying to work on both.  At first I’d thought I’d set aside Ichabod while I worked on the Lesana revision, but things were going so well with Ichabod (I’ll pass the 40,000 word mark today) that I didn’t want to lose my momentum.  So I still do my 1,000 words, and then once I’m through with that, I turn to the revision.  Right now I’m about halfway through summarizing the book, chapter by chapter.  It’s a real pain, honestly, but once I get it done, I’ll be able to see the plot as a whole and retool it more easily.  In theory.  I hope to have the summary done by tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on how much time I have for it.  All things considered, I’m really happy with how well I’ve been doing on my writing–and this is even at the end of the semester, when school’s going crazy.

Yay me.

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