I Don’t Mean to Brag, But . . .

I think bragging’s okay when it comes to my children. Can I just say that Baby Girl slept seven hours straight last night? That means from feeding to feeding, she went eight hours. Not so bad for a little person who’s not yet two months old. And during the day, she rarely cries. So to all the naysayers of Babywise, all I can say is we’re now two for two on getting our kids to sleep through the night before they’re two months old. Both my children were already doing six hour stretches at night before they were six weeks.

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

I finished reading book one of The Chronicles of Narnia to my son last night. (Those of you who believe book one is the Magician’s Nephew are sorely deluded. Not to mention irritating. So don’t try to argue with me about chronological Narnia vs. publication order. Read the books. They’re clearly written to be read in the publication order.) Anyway, I’m very impressed with my son. He’s not even four yet, but he really enjoyed the book. I wondered how much of it he was understanding, but he kept interrupting me to ask questions about what was happening, so he

My Aching Back and Other Annoyances

Hmm. Quite a bit to post about today. We’ll see if I actually feel like saying much about all of it. First of all, a disclaimer: baby girl isn’t sleeping super well at night, so I’m a bit of a zombie right now. If none of this makes sense, you can thank my daughter. To add to my fatigue, I’ve been working on stacking and moving wood and shoveling out more of my driveway. The mailbox was a particular pain. Who knew that one little mailbox could get covered in that much snow. I think my mailman’s given up on