The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

I finished reading book one of The Chronicles of Narnia to my son last night. (Those of you who believe book one is the Magician’s Nephew are sorely deluded. Not to mention irritating. So don’t try to argue with me about chronological Narnia vs. publication order. Read the books. They’re clearly written to be read in the publication order.)

Anyway, I’m very impressed with my son. He’s not even four yet, but he really enjoyed the book. I wondered how much of it he was understanding, but he kept interrupting me to ask questions about what was happening, so he must have been getting most of it. The kid’s a genius, what can I say?

I’m also pleased to report that writing’s going better. I sat my wife down last night and described the entire first half of the book to her, poor thing. But after putting it all on the table, I realized it wasn’t half as bad as I thought. Not even a quarter as bad. Or an eighth. Or . . . you get the picture. And writing in the morning continues to be the best thing I’ve come up with in a whole long time. It makes me feel like I have so much time in the evening. I love it. Any of you out there have killer writing tips that help you be more efficient? I’d love to hear them. Heck, they don’t even have to be about writing–just anything about boosting efficiency.

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