Website Update

Today I posted two new pages on my website, both Buttersby related.  The first is the commentary for chapter thirteen, and the second is a deleted scene from Cavern of Babel, back from the first draft of the book.  Good times. Not much else happening right now.  I’m just enjoying being at home, where the temperature is NOT 93 degrees.  In fact, I think I should make that one of my new life goals.  Never work in a place that’s 93 degrees inside.  Honestly, aren’t there labor laws that enforce that?  There ought to be.


Okay.  After my big post last week about how I was going to persist writing Grumpy Old Vampires even when I didn’t feel like it . . . I’m now putting the project on hiatus.  I’m just no longer enjoying writing it, and I think it comes through in the end products.  I did it for seven weeks straight, though, so that’s something.  I need to reanalyze my website in the near future.  I think that for now, I’m just going to update it once a week every week (with Buttersby commentaries) and then post other pages when I finish