Jar Jar Haters are Out of Luck

So I was sitting here looking at my Google Analytics results for my personal website (, and I discovered a number of things: First of all, my website is the first result when you type “jar jar binks language” into Google. It’s also the first result for “bryce moore” and “albert packard,” which is nice. […]

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Every now and then on my blog, I like to take a minute to give back to my faithful readers. To enlighten o ye of little technological know how. Today is one of those days. I can’t recall blogging about this before (and forgive me if I repeat myself), but today’s topic is on the

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Take a Tip from Me

Okay. Because I love all you faithful readers out there, I’m going to make your day and give you a valuable tip that will make your life sunnier and happier. Better. Birds will sing in the trees, and you’ll be much more carefree than you were yesterday. It’s all about toothpaste. Now, for those of

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Wii Fit

I have one now. Does that make mii fit? (Sorry–couldn’t resist.) Time will tell. So far I really like it, and it’s the first video game I’ve ever had that actually seems to serve a useful purpose beside developing hand eye coordination. Better yet, my wife really liked it, too–which is a huge plus. If

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