Chimney: Done

The chimney retopping project is finished, I’m happy to report. I haven’t been home to check and see how it looks finished, but I had been up to check on it periodically, and I’m confident that it looks good. The wood stove comes next week. In other news, I started ANOTHER house project today (because . . . why not?). While investigating where to put an outlet for the wood stove, we found that the original chimney (100+ years old) had simply been covered with tongue and groove wood siding. I ripped that right off, and now we have glorious antique brick there, instead. I just have to cut some trim for the ceiling and floor, and it’ll be good to go. I have plenty of left over wood from the outside project, so that likely won’t take too long.

Progress on the outside moves onward, as well. The fascia’s done–just needs to be caulked and painted. The trim is in the same boat. The siding has a few pieces left to finish. Other than that, it’ll be done, as well. Well–still need to scrape, sand and paint in spring, but who’s counting?

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