Clean Bill of Health

Each year, my university requires me to go get an annual physical. Well, I suppose it’s not technically “required,” but if I don’t go, then my insurance rates spike. So it’s kind of like the police don’t “require” me to go the speed limit, but if I don’t, then I have to pay more money. (Not an exact analogy, but you get the point.) For a while, they just had me do a “health coach session,” but that pretty much boiled down to me telling a person on the phone that I didn’t smoke or drink, and then finding out I should lose a bit of weight and be sure to get more sleep. Nothing really earth shattering, and I questioned if it was worth anything (other than keeping my insurance rates low, which obviously isn’t nothing).

So I switched over to physicals, and I’m pretty happy that I did, all things considered. While I generally feel healthy, it’s nice to get confirmation of that once a year, and I get to ask a doctor all the things I’ve been wondering about (such as, “Is this mole on my nose just a mole, or something I should be worried about? Answer? Just a mole.)

Today, I just reflected on how grateful I am that right now, all my answers were good one. Bad cholesterol? Good. Good cholesterol? Good. Blood pressure? Good. Pulse? Good. Weight? Good. Lungs? Good. Heart? Good. You get the picture. I’m getting old enough now to realize how “good” isn’t always a given, and how things can go from “good” to “not good” relatively quickly. So the fact that today was a “good” day is definitely something to celebrate. Not that things were “bad” before, but they’ve definitely have been worse at times, and I’m grateful they’re not anymore.

I’m also grateful for insurance that lets me go get a physical and not worry about costs. I still very much wish America would fix its healthcare system, but I’m lucky that when I wish that, it’s a wish I have for other people, because my personal situation is peachy. Again, I know that’s not the case for many, and so I’m trying to focus on appreciating the things I have that sometimes I take for granted.

Anyway. Nothing profound for you today. Just a general gratitude post. I’m also grateful it’s Friday, and I’ve got a weekend in front of me. Hope yours is a good one!


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