Come on Out and See Me at the Library

This coming Monday (the 27th), I’ll be heading over to the New Vineyard Public Library here in Maine to visit their book group. (You can also check out their Facebook page.) What can you expect, if you come? The chance to hear me read–audience’s choice! Something from Vodnik or Tarnhelm. I’d put out Get Cupid as an option, but I’m not really sure people want to hear some of a first draft.

I’ll also be answering any questions people might have and–the real reason to go–refreshments will be served. For many many years, I had a strict DTDFF policy. (Don’t Turn Down Free Food.) I still try to follow the spirit of that policy, even if there have been times when I’ve been forced to not magically appear wherever food is presented for free. (Although if there were such a thing as a Bryce Summoning Spell, it would likely involve ice cream, brownies, dark chocolate, or all of the above, placed on a buffet table. Hot fudge is optional. Do all this, and send me an email about said buffet table, and I’m likely to appear just about anywhere (within driving distance, at least).

I’d actually like to be doing some more library or school visits. In person is always great (especially with food), but I’m perfectly willing to “attend” via Skype. I have a web cam and a mic–there’s no need to bribe me with consumables. I’ve really enjoyed the visits I’ve done so far–both in person and on Skype. So if you know of a library or a school class that would be interested in hearing from me, just drop me a line.

In the meantime, come by this Monday and say hello. Rumor has it there will even be prizes . . .

August 27th, 6:30pm at the New Vineyard Public Library

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