Daddy Daughter Dance: 2020 Edition

Another year, another Daddy Daughter Dance. This time around, MC was sick, so she was unable to come with Daniela and me. (She was pretty down about it until I reassured her that I’d take her out on a Daddy Daughter Date once she got better. That cheered her right up.)

Things have changed quite a bit since our first Daddy Daughter Dance back in . . . 2013. For one thing, Daniela is 5’9″ now, give or take. So when she and I were dancing, I didn’t have to look down hardly at all, which sounds great, until you remember the majority of the daughters at the dance were much, much shorter. Many of them were running around the floor as fast as they could, doing who-knew-what. I kept on forgetting to watch out for them, and there were some near misses several times. Thankfully, no one got trampled.

Daniela and I had a contest this time to see who recognized more songs. I was convinced from earlier years that they hardly played any songs I knew. Maybe it had been confirmation bias, though, because we ended this year tied 10-10. A lot of songs we both knew (What Does the Fox Say), some only I knew (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun), and some Daniela knew (I don’t know their names. Still.) We grabbed a glow stick for MC so that she didn’t feel too left out.

We went out to dinner with a group before, as is tradition. (Though the number of daddies has dwindled over the years as daughters grow up or they move away. We still had four of us this time, though, so it was a sizable group.) It was fun watching the others try to guess which grade Daniela was in. Most votes were for eighth grade, with some doubtful ninths and sevenths.

She’s in sixth.

We both ended up getting Mac and Cheese, which seemed somehow appropriate, since not too many years ago, Daniela would have been all over the mac and cheese. This time it was off the adult menu, however. Pretty tasty stuff. Daniela had hers with crunchy chicken, and I went with pulled pork.

I asked her if any of her friends were already dating. She said yes they were, though she didn’t understand why. “They’re only in sixth grade. Why bother?” A girl after my own heart.

Not sure how many more Daddy Daughter Dances I have in my future, but I would imagine quite a few. MC is only 6, after all. Maybe that gets me something like 8-10 to go? Though some of the older girls still like going for the pre-dinner, then cutting out before the dance. I can’t really blame them. The vast majority of the girls at the dance look like they’re under 10.

For now, I just enjoy having a tradition with my daughters to go do something fun. Even if the dance music was insanely loud. (Next year I might have to bring ear plugs . . . )


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