Diagnosis: Roof

We had some roofers come to give us an estimate on how much it’ll take to pay to have the roof fixed, and it wasn’t pretty. Turns out there’s already three layers of shingles on there (two asphalt and one cedar), and that all needs to come off before it can be redone. PLUS, there’s no real sheathing present–just big wide boards with three inch spaces between them. (You’re not supposed to be able to look on the underside of the roof and see nothing between you and the shingles, you know?) So it needs plywood put down, too.

It’s going to be more than $5,000, people.


We’ll be getting some more estimates, but I’m not sure it’ll look any rosier, and that’s going to take a real chunk out of our savings–enough that I’m somewhat regretting buying that trip to Disney World. Then again, what was I supposed to do? Expect that I’d have to pay for a new lawn mower, new roof, fixed snow blower, fixed degus, extra house work . . . all at once? We have emergency funds we can tap into if we need to, and in the mean time, it looks like I’ll just have to write more. (Selling a new book would be wonderful at any time, but EXTRA wonderful right now . . .)

That sound you hear? It’s just me breathing into a paper bag.

The joys of having a 170 year old home . . .

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