Don’t Go To Sleep: Cover Reveal!

Today’s the day! I’ve been sitting on this new cover for a while now, waiting for the green light to share it. When The Perfect Place to Die‘s cover came out, I loved it. Really striking, and it tapped into the book so well. When I wrote the companion novel, Don’t Go to Sleep, I wondered how they’d be able to capture the same sort of feel for its cover, even though the setting and subject are quite different.

I loved the cover as soon as they shared it with me, and I hope you do too.

As a refresher, here’s the book’s official description:

It’s 1918, WW1 is in full swing, and a Spanish Influenza outbreak is on the horizon. In the midst of the chaos, families are being terrorized and people are being killed by a lone man with an axe. As Gianna and her friend Jake investigate the heinous crimes, she realizes she’s connected to the killer in a way she could have never imagined.

Gianna is the average seventeen-year-old girl living in 1918 New Orleans. She worries about her family’s store, the great war, and a mysterious illness that’s about to take hold of the city she loves.

It doesn’t help that there also appears to be a mad man on the loose in her neighborhood. The attacks started as burglaries but soon escalate to cold blooded murder. There’s a killer out there, and the police can’t seem to figure out how to stop him.

Gianna enlists the help of her friend Jake to investigate. And as they study the crimes, they see a common link between the victims, and Gianna can’t help but wonder if it’s the same man who attacked her family years before.

As Gianna gets closer to the killer, she discovers a connection between them that she never would have suspected.”

While it isn’t a direct sequel to The Perfect Place to Die, Etta (the main character of that book) plays a significant role in this one. I’ll leave it at that. Don’t Go to Sleep is once again inspired by actual events. A killer known only as The Axeman made his way through New Orleans in 1918, attacking Italian grocery stores at night, chopping his way through the community at the same time the Spanish Influenza was laying waste to the city. (New Orleans was the third hardest hit city in America.)

Ready for the cover?

Like I said: I’m a big fan. It does a great job representing the book. It calls back to the first cover. It’s visually striking. I can’t wait to have you all be able to read it.

If you want to preorder, you can do so here:

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