Don’t Skip Leg Day

It’s a pretty well-documented fact that I’ve spent the last five or more years trying to do get myself into better shape, bit by bit. Reducing my sugar intake. Lowering my weight. Standing up straighter. Exercising more regularly. I added weight lifting to the mix for a while, though I stepped away from that when I hurt my shoulder. I’ve recently come back to it again, though. (Yay for a shoulder that’s feeling much better.)

One area I’ve never really paid any attention to is my legs, however. They move me around from place to place, and that’s about all the thought I’ve given them. A year and a half ago, however, I went to an exercise class with my sister, and after that one class, my legs stopped working. My muscles pretty much resigned and said they were taking a three day vacation in protest to what I’d put them through. Mind you, I hadn’t put them through anything that strenuous. Just some basic strength exercises. It was not a fun few days after that.

That experience inspired me to begin paying more attention to building up some leg muscle. As has been typical for me, however, it takes a while between having the first thought of doing something that will get me into better shape and then actually doing that thing to get into better shape. Now that I’m coming into the home stretch on my dieting goal, I’ve been focusing on building muscle again. (Mainly because muscle burns fat, and I thought if I were to add some more muscle, it would be easier to keep off the pounds.)

I’m not going to the gym. I’m still just too lazy to do anything that elaborate. Instead, I try to do basic things that I can do wherever I am. In this case, it’s just squats. 20 of them in a row, which you’d think would be something anyone in reasonable health could do. Let’s just say that my legs clearly aren’t in “reasonable health” I guess. I did 20 yesterday, and I’ve been walling wobbly since then. Which, of course, just highlights the need for me to keep this up.

The plan isn’t to turn myself into some supermensch. The plan is just to get myself to the point that I can do 20 or 40 squats at a time without feeling like my legs have turned to jello the next day. It’s a low bar. Wish me luck.


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