Drive to Bangor

Spent the day in Bangor today for a work meeting. It was quite the beautiful drive–the leaves are changing, the sun was out, and there wasn’t much traffic. (Note–“not much traffic” in Maine equates to “no traffic” other places.) Nothing like driving on a pleasant day, my trusty iPod by my side, and a GPS in front of me to help if I get lost. Very nice.

I haven’t given an update on writing progress in a while, so here’s a quick rundown. I’ve been working on a new book–one that I’m planning as the first of a seven part series. (I’ll only write book one for now, and then see where it goes from there.) It was going to be middle grade, but the magic system has gotten more complex than I’d thought it would be at first, and I’m upping it to YA to compensate for that. It’s a belief-based magic that draws on everything from aliens to ghosts to Santa Claus. I’m pretty excited for the book–the trick right now is getting the voice down. I’ve written first person so much, but I want to try another third person this go round, with multiple viewpoints.

Some of the hardest times for me writing-wise come at the start of a new book. There’s so much to plan and think out, and I have a hard time keeping it all straight in my head. Once I’m rolling, then I start churning out the pages, but getting rolling can be difficult. Case in point–I’ve started this new book about seven different ways already. One or two started going well, only to end up at a point where I realized I needed to think things through some more. I’ve got another approach in mind now–hopefully this is the one, but we’ll see.

Actually selling a book would be a very nice thing–I look around my house these days, and it’s hard not to see things in terms of dollar signs. 🙂

Happy weekend, everyone!

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