Drivers License Tests

After a fair number of COVID-related (and other) delays, Tomas is finally facing down the bane of many a teenager’s existence: the drivers license test. And as I’ve been getting him ready for the thing, I’ve (naturally) reflected back on what I can remember of when I got my license. While I might like to pretend it wasn’t that long ago, it was actually 27 years, so . . . yeah.

I got my test on my first try. We had to drive a fair distance to get to the testing spot. I don’t remember that much of the actual test. I knew friends of mine had failed on their first try (or two), and I knew I didn’t want to be one of them. I was confident about most things, except for parallel parking. I also remember they had me parallel park between two cones, as opposed to between actual cars.

Of course, these days I still have enough trouble parallel parking that I will actively look for anywhere else to park before I resort to giving those skills another test. I hate the pressure around parallel parking. Making people behind me on the street wait (and watch) as I fumble my way through it. It’s not that I can’t do it–but it can take two tries, and that’s enough to make me not want to do it if at all possible.

I get that one of the main reasons to test parallel parking is to show the tester that you’re able to put the car where you want it to go. I also get that (at least where I typically drive) there aren’t that many places around that require me to put that skill into practice, so it’s no big surprise that when I’m asked to actually do the thing, I still struggle to do it. If I parallel parked all the time, I’m sure I’d (eventually) get better at it.

In any case, I wondered if any of you had any interesting stories around drivers tests. Mine is so boring. (I came. I drove. I passed.) No accidents. No near misses. No nothing. But surely some people out there had something with more pizzaz happen. So . . . care to share?


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