Entertaining Yourself at the Airport

So I’m off on another grand adventure. Sitting in Boston airport right now. Terminal B, if you’re stalking me. I wasn’t looking forward to this travel schedule today. Seven hours of airport time, plus seven hours of flight time? Blech.

However, my mood has brightened considerably for two reasons. First, a friend was online and available to play Magic the Gathering. That took up a goodly amount of time, and they were some really epic games. Second? The free wifi is fast enough to play Diablo 3. Mwa ha ha ha!


Not sure what my posting schedule’s going to be like over the next few days. I’m at CONduit for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then off in the mountains, and then down in Provo before heading back to Maine on Wednesday night. I’ll try to post when I can, but you all know how it is.

Try to get by without me. And everybody please leave Maine in one piece until I get back.

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