Fantasy Baseball, Baby!

Not that my fantasy football posts got me any eyeballs whatsoever, but here I am posting about fantasy baseball! (Clearly my interests and the interests of my readers do not 100% overlap, somehow.) But really, I had such a good time doing the fantasy football thing last season that the same group of like-minded people got together to give baseball a shot. Some of this has been fun just for the sheer “I have no idea what I’m doing” nature of it–figuring out how the game works as the season evolves.

Right off, I’ve seen some stark differences in fantasy football and fantasy baseball. Almost all of my team is playing every day, or at least that’s the goal. With football, there was much more of a “have a few running backs and decide which one plays each week” mentality. With baseball, you’ve got to have a guy in each position. If your first baseman ain’t playing one day and you happen to have a different first baseman on your bench, you can swap ’em out for the day. If not, you just don’t get anyone making any points for you in that position that day. But of course, you could always just bring someone in just for that one day, but who do you boot . . .?

As with football, I’ve found myself caring about baseball so much more by having my own “team.” I check scores in the evening and pay attention to how particular players are performing. Fantasy baseball seems to be much more friendly to people who like flicking switches and futzing with dials–many more ways you can influence how your team is doing, if you’re paying attention to them each day. That’s a plus for me–for now.

Anyway. Just thought I’d put that out there, for the four of you who will care. It’s a slow blog day, because it’s a busy blog day elsewhere. Would you rather I’d just said “NO TIME TO POST TODAY!”?

Because I can do that, too.

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