Fatigue and Writing (Not Writing Fatigue)

So now that I’m back from my trip and into the swing of things at work again, I really miss how much time I had to get writing done for that month. Going from 3000 words a day to 500 is a big cut back, and I’m trying to take steps to soften that a bit. And for this reason, I’ve now started to get up at 5:55 to write instead of 6:25. (Confession: I’ve got some slight OCD tendencies. I feel better about myself if I get up at a time that ends with 5, 5 being (of course) my favorite number since elementary school–since my first name has 5 letters. So really, 5:55 should be a very lucky time for me to get up, and I’m happy to see all those 5’s every time I open my eyes.) This new approach has had some ups for me: I’m certainly getting more writing done, and I have time when I’m alone and it’s quiet, so I can focus. However, I’m not really awake yet, and I struggle going to bed early enough to make me coherent when I wake up that early. And–

Flash of inspiration.

You’re going to make fun of me, but it just occurred to me to take my shower first when I get up instead of after I’ve written. This should help with the “know what year it is and who I am” level of alertness, and it’ll give me some good time to think about my writing.


I had been planning on writing a Complaining About Early Arisals Post, and instead I wrote a Solution To My Problem post.

Blogging really CAN help you. 🙂

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