Flight Irritation (and a reading time change)

Airplane! (Don't Call Me Shirley! Edition)I was supposed to be getting on my flight to Salt Lake right now, already arrived in DC and on my way to CONduit. However, due to some unspecified equipment malfunction, my flight from Portland was canceled. You know, if United had just been upfront about things and said right off that the flight was delayed/canceled, I might not be that steamed. But instead, they decided to wait an hour after the flight was supposed to have left before they let us know there was a problem. Genius. And of course it was late enough by then that I couldn’t get another flight out today. So now I’m leaving early tomorrow. How fun.

Anyway. All should work out okay. I’m not going to miss any of my presentations, as long as Delta (I’ve switched airlines) doesn’t screw things up. One note for any who were planning on attending my reading, however: it’s now on Saturday at 1:25. Got that? See you there.

Okay–I’m going to go spend some time with the family now. At least Denisa had decided to do a shopping spree in Freeport before she came home, so she didn’t have that far to drive to pick me up again. We’ll try this again tomorrow . . .

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