Get Your Drillbits Ready

My surround sound system is waiting for me at home. If I’m successful in the install, I’ll be able to watch my Netflix Iron Man blu-ray this evening in all its 1080p glory, now with its proper 7.1 TrueHD sound. Of course, that’s just if everything goes well. We’re talking eight speakers to set up (four of which have to be wall mounted, and speaker wire has to be snaked all over creation in a way that disguises it as best as possible), six components to set up (VHS, region-free DVD, Blu-Ray, PS2, Wii, Dish Network Box) and the sound to calibrate (something which is supposedly easy to do with an Onkyo system . . . but I’ve heard that promise before). Something tells me that it’ll end up being a frustrating experience, but then again, if it were easy, would I enjoy it as much once I finally had it all set up right?


Oh well. DKC should be happy–if I get this set up the way it should be, figuring out what button to push so she can watch what she wants to watch should be easier. Then again, it’ll also be drastically different, so maybe it’ll still end up being frustrating for her. She’s a good sport to even be letting me do this. I wonder if she’ll still be a good sport once she sees the wires.


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