Groundhog Day 2015: Snow City

It’s hard to believe that just a week ago, you could see plenty of lawn in front of my house. We live out in an open field, so our snow melts faster than many of our friends, but still–almost February, and we had so little snow? What is this–Miami Beach?

Not hardly.

We got the big blizzard last Monday night, followed by another 12″ or so Friday, and now there’s another 6-10″ falling at the moment. Oh. And I discovered there’s another 8-12″ forecast for Thursday. It’s like the gods of winter are trying to make up for missed opportunities. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Snow days as a kid are a mixed blessing. Sure, you get the day off, but then you have to make it up later?

Snow days as an adult working year round? Pure gravy. There’s nothing to make up! Woot!

Last week, I was too sick to really appreciate them (and frankly, I’m still a fair bit sick now–this flu is terrible), but I had 2.75 snow days last week. The kids had a full 3. And today’s another snow day for all of us. Who knows what the storm will bring Thursday. Sometimes these things materialize, and sometimes they fizzle. All I know is that for today, Groundhog Day, we have the whole day to lounge around like the true groundhogs we are.

Alas, it means that there will be no party this evening, with the traditional Groundhog Games of Skill, or the Groundhog Treats, or the communal Groundhog Day viewing. But on the other hand, we’d already canceled, because I didn’t want to risk giving anyone the flu of death as a Groundhog Day present. So we’ll be having games of skill with just the family participating. I’m thinking it might involve lots of board games today. Video games might also be involved. There will be the movie, of course. And for treats, we might just use the cornucopia of treats we had for the Super Bowl yesterday (how ’bout that game, folks? CRAZINESS!).

The great thing about G-Day is there’s no way to really mess it up. You get to do whatever you want to do, every year. You don’t have to live by their rules anymore.

All you do is wake up and decide to have an awesome day, however you want it to be had. And then you go and make that day happen. Sometimes the weather gods smile on you and make things even easier on you, but even when you have work, you can still have a day of pure wow.

Anyway. I’m off to continue my own personal wow day. Wishing you and yours a wonderfulicious Groundhog Day. Let me know how you’re going to celebrate it today in the comments on here or on Facebook!

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