Halfway There

Passed the 38,000 word mark on the rewrite this morning. I’m feeling quite good about it, overall, though as always, the real test will be when beta readers get it and tell me what they think. Still, even if they don’t like it, I’ve had a fun time writing it. Things out here in Maine are different, writing-wise. No writing group, and little day-to-day contact with other people who write–and certainly hardly anything with other people who write fantasy. On the one hand, that’s let me figure out who I am as a writer more, but on the other hand, it can be hard at times to keep pressing forward. The lack of firm deadlines and knowing that other people will know how much I have (or haven’t) been writing has slowed me down some, I know. Then again, maybe it’s the fact that I have a lot more to do out here in Maine than I had in Utah. Who knows? In any case, it’ll be nice to get this novel done. I’m getting itchy to try some new things. I like revising, but I also like fresh writing.

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