Health Accountability Update: Quarantine Edition

Here we are now, over five weeks since the day I started working from home all the time. (Staying at home all the time, really.) When I made the switch to working at home, one of the things high on my radar was what it would do to my health. I wasn’t that worried about changing my exercise habits. (I’m still jogging in place for 30 minutes a day, folks. I can do that in my home office as easily as I can do it at work . . .) But what about my eating routine? It’s harder to not eat like a pig when there’s a constant source of food (a stocked fridge) just 30 feet away all the time. Would I be able to resist the siren’s call?

I’m happy to report that for the most part, I have. My weight has bounced around a bit over the five weeks, going up as high as 192 or so, but as of today it’s at 187.6. Is it where I want to be? Well, no. I’d like to be around 170-180, but where I am now is still in the “Normal” BMI zone, and considering I’ve been through Easter and two birthday celebrations, I’m calling this a win. (I don’t think the current stress-filled days are the perfect time to try to diet aggressively.)

Of course, all is not perfect in Bryceville. My “no sugar” commitment isn’t really doing that well. It’s still miles better than how I used to eat, but I had Denisa pick up a few spare bags of Easter candy, and I’ve been munching away on that now and then throughout each day. Not enough that I’m worried my teeth are going to fall out, but certainly more than I’d like to, in ideal circumstances.

But these circumstances are far from ideal, and I’m having to continually remind myself of that. We cope the best we can, and I’ll take my victories where I can get them. For now, if some chocolate eggs are going to make me feel a bit better about sitting in front of my home computer for hours on end each day, slogging through 4-6 hours of Zoom meetings a day, then by golly I’m going to eat those chocolate eggs.

That said, I don’t want to eat too many, and that’s where the daily weigh-ins help . . .

Anyway. That’s where I am for now. Here’s hoping you’re handling this social distancing as best as you can. Cut yourself some slack, and try to keep a positive outlook on things. We need all the positive we can get.


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