House Update

House, M.D.: Season SixIt’s been a while since I told you all what I was up to with my various house projects, and it’s time for me to report back on how they all went. Let me run them down, one by one.

First: scraping, sanding and staining the barn/garage–Denisa and I have finished the front, and we’re almost done with the side. That means 2 out of 3 sides will be done this year. The back . . . is going to have to wait until next year, I think. It’s getting to be too cold to paint, and I don’t want to scrape it and then leave it unpainted for a winter. That’s okay–the back is in small enough chunks that I think we can handle it with a couple of ladders and some planks. No need for scaffolding/pump jacks.

The woodshed–Is almost totally done. All that remains is to put the clapboard up and then caulk and stain it. The clapboard should happen this week or next, and the staining will happen at the same time. We’re already putting wood into it, and it’s serving its purpose well. Oh–a light needs to be installed, but that shouldn’t take too much time . . .

Clean the garage–Done. Denisa’s mom did this one practically all on her own while she was out visiting us. Thank you!

Cut down the silver maple–Not sure if we’re going to do this now or not. We priced it out and had several people come look at it, and it looks like it’s just been dropping branches due to wind damage, not due to the health of the tree. We might still have it come down in November, but . . . we’ll see.

Entryway floor–Done a long time ago. Still very pleased with how it turned out.

Garden–Quite successful, although you’d have to ask Denisa for a report back on that. I think I went out and dug once or twice, but when it comes to gardens, Denisa’s in charge.

Ordering and stacking the wood–Currently have 3.5 cord on hand, with another cord coming. Had stacked it out front while the woodshed was being built. Have to restack it in the woodshed now.

And . . . there you have it. It’s been a busy fall (which is when we finished most of these things), but as I look back on it all, it’s been a very successful fall, too. Go us!

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