Interview w/Middle Grade Mafia

With a new book comes a slew of new book reviews at various sites. It’s been fun watching them trickle in, and I particularly liked the one by a site called Middle Grade Mafia. Here’s the highlight:

“With a fast pace, a clever premise, a likeable main character and just enough danger to keep readers reading The Memory Thief is a must read.”

You can check out the whole review at their site.

But wait! There’s more!

They asked me to do an interview with them about writing the book, and they just published it for the world to see. Here’s a taste:

Middle Grade Mafia: Each author’s path to becoming a published author is unique. Please share your journey to getting THE MEMORY THIEF on the shelves.

Bryce Moore: After VODNIK came out in 2012, I was at a point where I’d completed all of my current novels, and I wanted to try something new. My wife and I at the time had a series of medical appointments in Portland, almost two hours away from our house. So we had plenty of time in the car together with nothing to do but talk. On one trip, I was stressed because I had no time to get my writing done that day, and my wife suggested we come up with a story idea as we drove. We came up with the magic system (how to steal . . .

(Read the rest of it here.)

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