It’s Olympic Time!

No real time for me today, since I’m traipsing off to Bangor for a cataloging meeting (the thrilling life of a librarian!), however I wanted to give a shout out to the Olympics. I love this time, though it’s one of the few times I really regret not having cable. (And not living in a place where I can get easy antenna reception. So I’m stuck jury rigging an Olympic schedule together as best I can.

That said, you couldn’t pay me enough money to go to Sochi to see it in person. It sounds like it’s an absolute zoo over there right now, and I have zero confidence that the games will run smoothly. I lives in Utah for the Salt Lake Olympics, and I have a good idea of the amount of work it takes to pull off a successful games. I also lived in a place where communism reigned supreme for forty years, and I have a good idea how little prepared Sochi likely is. Add to that terror threats, and I’ll stay home, thank you very much.

I have thought it interesting to see the Russian responses to the Western news outlets’ reporting, claiming it’s biased, etc. I think that, rather, it’s the first *unbiased* reporting some of those people have had to deal with.

Anyway. Off I go to Bangor. Go USA, Slovakia, and Germany!!

Who are you rooting for?

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