Less Time

After yesterday’s gargantuan Bill Murray post, I have less time to post today. And not so much content, really. I’m sick of my writing yo-yoing all over the place, with sometimes me feeling very confident and sometimes not confident at all. Right now I’m in between. Not sure about what I’m doing, but doing it anyway. I came up with a really cool weather-based magic system this morning, though. I think a middle grade book with groundhogs as the protagonists using this system could be purdy cool. So I guess the trick is to take my victories where I can.

Even better, it’s getting kind of spring-ish here, with the weather gradually warming up. This makes me excited for Christmas, for some odd reason. Because if winter’s over, then that means spring’s here, and after that comes summer and fall.

And then Christmas again.

That’ll be nice.

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