Lest You Think I Have No Clout

Just a quick observation for you today, as I’ll be in library meetings for the next 8 hours or something, I posted on Friday about how BYU and Utah should stop playing each other in sports. Clearly, the rest of the sporting world was listening, because less than 48 hours later, the teams had been paired against each other in the upcoming Las Vegas Bowl.

So let’s see . . .

A football matchup that hasn’t happened in over a year. Each team’s final game of the season. Bronco Mendenhall’s final game as a BYU head coach. Pac-12 pride vs. independent spirit. “Holy War.” (I hate that title.) Utah has won 4 straight against the Y, so added pride on the line. Winner take all.

I don’t possibly see how this could go wrong at all. I mean, if BYU loses, then half of Utah is going to be sullen and pouty for the next month or so, and the other half is going to be Gloat City. And if Utah loses . . . it’s going to be the same end result.

It’s like Alien vs. Predator, people. No matter who wins, we lose.

And it’s all because I wrote about how the rivalry should end. The sporting world panicked that my common sense approach to rivalries might catch on, and so they decided to squash that right away.

In light of this, my next post is going to be about how I should stop getting sent free money in the mail. Here’s hoping I get the same result . . .

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