March Madness Challenge (and a Sugar Update)

The first few rounds are over, and–as is so often this case–my bracket isn’t looking too peachy keen. I had Villanova going to the finals, and they rewarded my faith by losing in the second round. Sigh. But the real question is: how are things looking in the Bracket Challenge? Much better for some folks. Carg Reed is sitting in first, and he still has 7 of his 8 Elite Eight teams in the hunt. That’s a pretty impressive feat. Since he has Kentucky winning it all (as do I), it’s pretty much a guarantee that I’ve lost this year. Always a bummer, being out of the running after the first weekend, but that’s the way March Madness rolls. Chris75315 is tied with Carg Reed, and so is (drumroll please . . .) DC! That’s right. My seven year old daughter is still in the mix.

With the way the points snowball in value in later rounds, it’s still really up in the air as to who will win. TRC picked Wisconsion to win it all. If that happened, would it be enough to overcome the fact that he only has half his Elite Eight teams left in it? And what about Denisa? She might have an outside shot–the math is a bit beyond me. We’ll have to wait and see where the dust settles after this weekend. I’m really more interested in the brackets that *don’t* have Kentucky winning it all, because I’d love to see that happen. (Hey–my bracket is dead. I might as well root for complete chaos, right? Right!)

So Jamesmjs has Arizona winning it all, TRC has Wisconsin, and the only other bracket with someone not Kentucky winning is . . . MC! I sat my not-yet-two-year-old daughter down and asked her to make her picks, which was done by me reading the numbers and her repeating the one she thought would win. (Well, that was the theory. In practice she started responding “Puppy” for most of the choices. In that case, I picked the favored seed.) MC has Gonzaga going all the way. She also has 7 of her 8 Elite Eight teams remaining, and that’s with having picked 1 seeded Kentucky AND Wisconsin to lose in the first round. She’s back by a ways at the moment, but if the madness really happens tomorrow, then she might just come back to win it all.

95% of you probably don’t care about this post at all. Too bad! My blog, my topics. I love this time of year!

And for those of you who decided to hang around, here’s a brief update on my sugar goal. I did indeed have a piece of pie and a bit of ice cream on Denisa’s birthday. It was good pie, but I only had one small serving, and I didn’t really feel the overwhelming need to have more. And that’s all the sugar I’ve had since my goal ended. It’s been going well–why switch up a good thing? Weight-wise, I’m down another .4 pounds (4.2 total over 4 weeks), which suggests perhaps the weight loss side of things might be slowing down. We’ll see what happens there. But I’m still feeling great and not really missing sugar at all at this point. Success!

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