March Madness Pool

Brigham Young (BYU) Cougars 3 1/2" Glass Basketball Ornament (Set of 2)Okay, folks. I’ve got a splitting headache right now, so this is going to be brief. However, I wanted to give you all as much notice in advance as I could. It’s time for the yearly blog March Madness pool. That’s right. You, constant reader, can try to beat me in the closest thing our civilization has to a duel these days: tournament brackets. Here’s how it works. I’ve set up a group over on ESPN’s site. You go there, register, fill out your picks and then join my group. (Name: Bryce’s Ramblings. The password is “meander”.) ESPN takes care of the rest, doing the math, keeping track of who’s winning and how many points you can still earn. All that good stuff.

So what are we playing for? If I win, then I get the self-satisfaction of being better than everyone else who chose to challenge me. But for you, I’ll sweeten the deal. You get a choice this year.

  • A blog entry written by yours truly, detailing how great you are.
  • A copy of Cavern of Babel, signed by the author. (Al Packard. I’m pretty tight with him, as you may know.)
  • Your name listed in the acknowledgements page of Vodnik, immortalized for all time, with the “alias” of your choice. (For example: Kevin “Hall Pass” Albert. Note–I reserve the right to veto any questionable aliases. 🙂    )
Something in there has to appeal to you. So come on over. Make an entry. Enter the challenge. Last year was our best year yet. Let’s see if we can get even more for this year’s pool.
You have until Thursday morning before the first games tip off.

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