March Madness: Win the Chance to Die in My Book

It’s true. March Madness is upon us again. And as I have been wont to do, I’m here to offer you, my loyal fans, the chance to win cool stuff while you compete in my annual blog tournament challenge. The rules are simple. Go over to espn and fill out a bracket. Then sign up with my group (name: Bryce’s Ramblings password: vodnik). (NOTE: ESPN says you can have five entries per person. I’m limiting it to one per person for this group. You can fill out one for a significant other or child, but that’s then *their* entry, and they get the prize if they win. Make sense? There’s no age limit to compete.)

Worried that you don’t know enough about basketball to have a chance of winning? Don’t let that trouble you! March Madness is the time of year when sports aces the world over are reminded that their wives or husbands or children–who never follow basketball at all–end up beating them through sheer luck. You really don’t need any skill to play.

But enough about how to get in. Let’s talk about the prize.

I’ve done naming privileges in my books before, but I want to make this year extra special. The fact that I just started a new book makes this easier. If you win, you can die a horrible, bloody death in my current book. That’s right! You’ll get your own cameo as a wizard, and you will die in spectacular fashion. I might have to spruce up your name a bit (to make it fit the story world), but I’ll work out something that’ll work for you. You’ll look like you want to look, behave how you want to behave (within reason). You can even choose what special kind of magic you want to use as you’re trying to fend off the inevitable doom that’s about to befall you, if that floats your boat. I aim to please!

To make things even more interesting (and hopefully to convince more of you to sign up), I’m going to do this for not one but TWO people. The winner of the challenge gets the prize, and I’ll also award the same prize to a random entrant (who isn’t the winner–no fair winning both!) That’s right, people. Two of you lucky entrants are going to die. I think this tops my list of cool prizes that I’ve awarded for the challenge, but I guess we’ll see how many people enter. (Counting me, there’s one other at the moment, which means if no one else enters, he’s automatically going to get to die in my book. Don’t make it that easy on him!)

Entries have to be in by Thursday at noon EDT, so don’t delay. Remember: first place gets a death, and then another random entrant gets a death too. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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