Memory Thief Available Everywhere Books are Sold!

Hard to believe it’s been six months since The Memory Thief went on sale at Barnes & Nobles across the country. If you’ll recall, the book was exclusive to that chain for the first six months. And if you’re good at math, you’ll see that we’ve passed that time frame. Lo and behold, the book is available on Amazon even as we speak.

However, if you’d like a signed copy (or would like to support a local business), might I direct your attention to my local independent bookstore: Devaney Doak and Garrett? As we did with Vodnik, I’m happy to walk over to them, sign a copy (along with any personalization you’d like), and they’ll ship it to you, wherever you might be. (In fact, you could still do that with Vodnik, if you missed out on that the first time.)

As a reminder, here’s the Kirkus Review for The Memory Thief:

Memories are slippery things.

Twelve-year-olds Benjamin and his fraternal twin, Kelly, look forward to the Adams County fair every year. There isn’t much to do in their corner of Maine besides listen to their parents bicker. This year a new tent appears on the fairgrounds: the Memory Emporium, where a wizened man says he can take and share memories. Narrator Ben hopes that he can help his parents forget their anger. But when he returns to the tent, a young tattooed woman has taken the old man’s place. She promises to help the white preteens with their problem if she can have a few memories in return. Her solution seems to harm more than help, though, as the memories of the fairgoers are disappearing, including Kelly’s and their parents’. It’s up to Ben to figure out how to restore the minds of his family and town before he is forgotten as well. Moore crafts a compelling premise and a plot that delivers more than might be expected. Ben initially believes that a memory is an objective moment in time, but the quest to restore memories brings him to a deeper understanding of how they affect a life. Memories are not separate—they are integral to who we are.

With interesting twists, captivating action, and a down-to-earth lead, this adventure is sure to become a new favorite. (Fantasy. 8-12)

It’s got a 4.46 on Goodreads at the moment, but no reviews at all on Amazon. If any of you out there have read the book, I’m always appreciative of reviews, and it would be fantastic to get some up on Amazon quick.

In any case, thanks for reading, and keep your eyes peeled for some additional news from yours truly. Maybe today. Hopefully this week at the latest . . .

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