More Thoughts on Fantasy Football

If there’s one thing I know about most of you (judging from my blog stats), it’s that almost none of you care about fantasy football whatsoever. Well you know what? TOO BAD! I’ve been playing in two leagues this year, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself–scouring the net for information on which players to put in and who to ditch. Following the games each week to see how my picks are doing. Oddly enough, I’m having a good time–even though I’m not doing particularly well. In one league, I started with a loss, and I’ve alternated every week–loss, win, loss, win, etc. In the other, I started with four losses in a row, and now I’ve won three in a row.

Still, the one league (with 12 people in it–the one I keep alternating wins and losses) has done what I really wanted it to: given me something to joke around with people when I see them around town or in church or wherever. It’s like an extended low-intensity game that lasts for weeks and weeks. The family league has been fun, but mainly because I know the three other players well. I wish it were a bit bigger, and there was more interaction.

Do I plan to do it again next year? I’d say definitely. There’s a lot I feel like I’ve learned as far as how the game works and how to excel at it. First up is the obvious: I should have been way more prepared for the draft. So much of the success you can have during the year depends on the good players you get right off the bat. I’ve been scrounging the free agent lists for better players, and it’s a tough row to hoe. The other obvious key is being familiar with the players. Honestly, I don’t follow the NFL much at all. I’m a big college fan, but at the pro level . . . I just don’t like dynasties. I like how at the college level, teams have to basically rebuild every year. So I usually tune in for a game or two over the season, and then watch the Superbowl.

So it’s no big surprise that I didn’t do terribly well at the draft. Now, I have a better idea of what to expect. How the positions fit together. Where you can see the big numbers. Next year, I think I’ll have a much better shot at consistent success. Then again, a lot of it is luck, too . . .

In any case, it’s been a fun experiment–right in line with what I’d hoped it would be. Now if I could just get a winning record . . .


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