My First Podcast–Win a Copy of Vodnik!

Last week, I had the chance to take part in my first podcast interview. I know–auspicious occasion, right? I’ve never done a podcast, period. And I suppose I still haven’t. I’ve just talked into a phone and had someone else take care of the rest. Go check it out–a half hour of me talking. It’s over at

It was a strange experience, all told. I tend to ramble when I talk, and it gets worse when I know that I’m not supposed to ramble. So I’d be answering the questions, then start thinking about how I was supposed to stay focused, and that would distract me from what I was talking about, which would make me ramble more. A vicious cycle.

Alethea (the interviewer) was nice enough to email the questions ahead of time, which helped a lot. I had time to write down some ideas of what I’d say. I was also happy to see that she’d asked me questions I hadn’t gotten before. Not that I’ve had a ton of experience with interviews (written, at least), but even in the small experience I’ve had, I’ve noticed that it’s easy to start feeling like you’re rehashing your answers all the time. (I don’t recycle my old answers for a new interview–I write them fresh each time. But sometimes I forget what I’ve already said and where.) Not so in this interview.

Also, they’re doing a giveaway for Vodnik that runs with the podcast. So if you’d like to win a copy, head over to the podcast, scroll to the bottom, and find out how to enter.

Oh–and I think it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. If any of you (you meaning, the entire world) would like to do an interview with me (podcast, written, guest blog post on a topic of your choice, or a topic of my choice, etc.), you have but to say the word. 🙂

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