Need Help: Christmas Shopping for Girls

Newsflash: I am not, nor have I ever been, a four-year-old girl. I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but that’s what life’s all about sometimes. However, despite this fact, I have a four-year-old girl for whom I’m trying to buy some Christmas presents. Denisa (who has, in truth, been a four-year-old girl–but one of the Slovak variety, who grew up with a different slate of toys and baubles than the current American variety of four-year-old girls have available to them) and I are struggling to find a “wow” present.

You know what I mean. The kind of present the kid opens up, and her eyes get really big.

I’m an expert at “wow” presents when it comes to boys of all ages. I can buy “wow” presents with the best of them. But I have come to the point where I have recognized that my limited understanding of the female psyche has rendered me unable to accurately evaluate the impact of presents on girls.

This is where you come in.

Assuming you are a girl, or have successfully raised a girl, I’m thinking you might have some good ideas about what might constitute a “wow” present. I’m open to any suggestions. Some stipulations:

  • Nothing ridiculously expensive. Yes, I know I could buy her a real live pony, and I’d get the “wow” reaction I’m looking for. But Denisa and I are generally against ridiculously expensive things. Plus, the girl’s only four, remember? So keep it under a hundred bucks, max.
  • I’d like to to be something that gets played with beyond January. In other words, something with some staying power, from a present perspective. She appears to have little interest in tea sets and beads. She likes all things pretty and beautiful.
  • It needs to also pass the Denisa Test, meaning it can’t be stupid. She reserves the right to proclaim anything stupid that she wants, and I support her in this right. This is admittedly a hard stipulation to follow. Don’t worry–I won’t let you know if your suggestion failed to pass the Denisa Test. We try to avoid public shaming on Bryce’s Ramblings.
  • I need suggestions NOW, people. Because I’m very task-oriented, and I want these presents bought and wrapped ASAP.
  • Other things DC likes: princesses, the Muppets, Disney stuff.
  • She wants a toy piano. This would probably pass the “wow” test, but I don’t want to buy a cheap toy piano for a ridiculous amount of money. If any of you have a toy piano you’re looking to unload, let me know.
That said, any and all help would be greatly appreciated. If you’ve got an idea, shout it out. Thanks in advance!

6 thoughts on “Need Help: Christmas Shopping for Girls”

  1. I know a lot of girls who like to play dress up. Like, insanely so. In princess costumes, police costumes, etc. You can get a bunch at target, the disney store, amazon, and such. Accessories are all important, as is a trunk or storage bin.

  2. Does she like dolls? Does she have a doll house? I’ve seen some really neat bookshelf dollhouses (like this one, which is $100 :

    I second the dress up clothes(complete with dressing rack or treasure chest type container is even more fun). Brenna and her friends loved/still love playing with her dress up stuff. You can get costumes, or we actually had great luck growing up going to estate sales. My dad once got a huge lot of fancy 1920s-1940 hats and fancy dresses from a estate sale for a family who had a hat shop in town for years.

    If she likes to sing and be a “star” you could get a little karaoke machine for her and some fun songs (I know there’s a Disney Princesses karaoke cd, for example).

  3. I’ll third the suggestion for dress-up clothes.

    Also, part of the “wow” factor is presentation, so I agree with the suggestion to put them in a trunk or sturdy box.

    My biggest “wow” present that I can remember from that age was a My Little Pony nursery, which was a great present, but a big part of the wow factor was that it came in a big box. 🙂

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